Weekend Spinning Finale

Wish that I had a chance to take this photo of the finished skein in the daylight. The colors are lighter in reality. Then there is my problem of capturing an accurate shade of purple. This ain't it. There's fushia, gold and bottle greens from the 4 oz batt. Love it! OK, the stats: approximately 119 yards of tweedy randomness. It is thick to thin, mainly dk to worsted weight yarn. The sections that I measured mostly ranged from 13 to 10 wpi.

What didn't make the cut? 3 oz of baby camel. Only a smidge was spindle spun. That's going to be a while before its yarn. Then there is a scant bit of light blue angora, which weights less than an ounce. How will I spin that any way? Lastly, a dark red 1 ounce pouff of carded wool. All unspun. I grabbed all my odd n'small amounts of yarn for the challenge. Batches of fiber that are 4 ounces or less that I wouldn't mind rushing though because they'd wind up being knitted to a hat, collar or cuff.

I'll continue spinning like a maniac in the weeks to come because it's all most time for NYS Sheep and Wool. Gotta make room!

It's 10:57p. Putting my hands up and waving them in the atmosphere!

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Sharon V said...

I tip my hat to you! I didn't measure, or put my yarn on the niddy noddy! I tried to spin until 10:30p, but I went over!

You did great and I tip my knitted hat to you!