Celebrate Yarn! Flash Your Stash 07 is Here!

Only had a chance to bring you the highlights this year.
We've got a little Noro, some Newton Country cashmere/merino,
Lisa Souza's Sock! Merino in Black/Purple,
SWTC Bamboo, a dash of Debbie Bliss silk, Koigu, Artyarns, Harvest Tweed,
Kidlin Pixie, Lang's Silk Dream, Diakeito, and most splendid...
Mountain Colors Bearfoot in Elderberry. Yum!



The study of stash. This is what I am majoring in. There, I said it.

Think that it has become necessary to transition into a more project oriented yarn shopper.

From the astute observations of the Yarn Harlot in her new book Stephanie Pearl-McPhee Casts Off, I learn that I am very much a process knitter. Suppose this means that I shop as a process as well. But it's got to stop!

Whenever a knitter is unhappy with his/her stash, even though it is the cat's meow, changes need to be made. I personally have been dissatisfied with the over abundance of onesies and twosies. You know, you see some yarn that is attractive, but you can't imagine committing just yet. You just buy one or two skeins declaring that, "it'll make a nice hat or even a hat/scarf set. Yeah, that's it"!

I'm totally o.k. with having more shawl yarn than I'll ever care to knit, but that onesies stuff has got to go!

The transition will begin with a cataloging of my stash. Gotta put the cards on the table. If I don't bad things will happen next time I'm tempted to purchase from the next awesome online sale and duplicate what I've got. Hey, if it can happen with my book collection, it's not a stretch to see this coming with yarn...
So check it out,

this is the hopelessly odd yarn. Everything else has been mated and slated for projex!


I don't know how many times I've turned over my yarn and projects in the past three months or so. When the new year arrived I, with so many others felt the energy of new beginnings.

One of my ongoing quests is to strip away unnecessary clutter, habits and such. Now that I have become a "Knitter", my first line of attack in these things is always the stash.

First from the Wall of Shame, the "why did I buy this" yarn:

Plagued with not having enough to make a project, or can't find the right pattern, or no longer "in like" with the yarn... were the ills of this stack.

In order to make lemonade of the situation, they've been earmarked for charity knitting. They'll be hats n' scarves, bags, vests, and crazy quilt pieces. The rest will be given to creative knitters who'll work their magic on it.

Now I know exactly what my charity projects will be for the year. Org-an-i-za-tion. Woo, hoo!