Progress of Necessity

Three weeks, three days left until the next splurge at the NYS Sheep and Wool Festival.
That means two things: obsessive list making and furious speed spinning! Queue flying monkey theme music from the Wizard of Oz!
Can I really spin at least two ounces per day until the festival? Here's my progress this past weekend.

First up, easy peasy merino spinning. This is three of 8 ounces of multicolored merino in the Sunflower colorway by Cloverleaf Farms. These braids remind me of the "colonial" wool, whatever that means, that I purchased at my very first Rhinebeck. It seems highly processed with no noticeable crimp in texture. In order to keep the singles from snarling, it required that I draft way faster and treadle a lot slower. This is not easy coming from bfl pace.

Not fur nothin' though, I totally would have had an even four ounces done on Sunday were it not for having to give my cat his semi-annual bath. That's right. I said it.
Don't judge. His claws are really sharp!

Now Saturday was all fiber, all the time. I came dangerously close to finishing a vest that may be nice to wear for the trip. There is just the right front to finish and it's done. Your FO vibes are welcome, please send them my way!

When I was all knitted out I made quick work out of four ounces of purple falkland wool from Woolens Bullens. I had forgotten how smooth and luscious this fiber is to spin. Yum!

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Sharon V said...

Lovely bit of spinning you have there, my dear. No surprise that you got some purr-purr out of the fiber bag! LOL

The closest Miss Kitty gets to a bath is me turning the shower on for myself and her jumping in. No soap involved ...