Quick post before the season premiere of The Amazing Race comes on.
Between rows of the Salem Hooded Jacket from New England Knits and my second Kepler sweater, this:

It plied up to about 149 yards, 13 wpi, sport weight-ish yarn.
There's lots more Sunflower merino to spin because...well because I've been knitting all week instead.
Happy, happy! Joy, joy! A finished object is off the needles! Yes, Virginia. There are unicorns.
Film at eleven....


Sharon V said...

Your Falkland is lovely! Is it soft? I have not had good luck with Falkland yet, but your's is so rich in color, I might have to try it again.

Sojournknitting said...

Thank you. It's not exceptionally soft like the singles were. We'll see what happens when I wash the hank. The underplied segments are softer though so perhaps twist factors in too.

Anne said...

What gorgeous coloration in your yarn! I came over to your blog from your leaving me a msg on Ravelry. Something tells me this won't be my last visit!
Anne (aka Divarago)