Just Craptastical!

A whopping 85 yards!

Alls I got from that beautiful batt of Grafton Fibers Corriedale (so far) is 85 yards of snarly attitude. Hmph!
Even though I halved the batt, the bobbins were wildly uneven. Another navajo ply candidate on the to do list. Great. If that wasn't bad enough, just as I was finishing the ply on junior, my jumbo bobbin broke apart!

Now when  I fancied another jumbo bobbin for my Rhinebeck shopping list the other day, little did I know that it would become an actual need instead of lust want....

I'm going to go knit something!

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Sharon V said...

Oh no! I've had a bad Navajo ply a few times & after losing 100 feet I finally got it. Here's hoping your next try brings success.

Meanwhile, in spite of what you think of the yarn, the colors are wonderful.