A Keepsake for the Little One

Another precious addition to the family has arrived and I wanted to make him something really special. Shhh. Don't tell him about the photo. I still have to wash and block this. A heritage sweater in Pan-African colors, with an Africa intarsia on the back. Wooden buttons from M&J Trimmings in Manhattan. The Frog Tree yarn is like buttah! 100% merino wool. Yup, I'm doing a test swatch before the real thing hits water!
Confession, this is gift attempt number two. The first was a pant and sweater. Cousin Randall, Jr. was growing too fast for my knitting skills. So no time to waste. I'm signing off to launder now.


Three Sketches a Week

Thought it would be nifty to do three sketches per week to see if I could come up with a design or two that I could execute. This is the first attempt using Tahki's Bongo yarn in the olive colorway. I've since blocked it and shortened the tassels a wee bit.
Wore this on a casual Friday at the office, but was terribly self-conscious. Had my inner Flintstone gotten the best of me or was this an OK thing to wear in public? One thing is for sure, I was one warm woman on the way home. The winter wind was merciless!

Alright, there is another finished object waiting in the wings that I would love to post. Only got buttons for it today and haven't taken care of that yet. So tomorrow I must post again...

During the Hiatus...

Many projects were cast on, a bunch were shuffled to the depths of my the WIP bushel bag, and few were finished. Here's one that made it to the recipient before they entered grade school. A dashing cardigan for my new cousin Thurston!

New Year, New Knitting Assistant. Meet Slick Willy

Yes, it's been while since I've posted anything. My new assistant has been delegated various tasks, only he's been no help at all. Well, except he's so darn cute. Guess that's why I'll keep him around.
Cats and I can not lie...