I challenge you to a duel!!!

8 ounces of the fiber of your choice spun by 9:00 pm EST, 9/6/2010
At 9:01p, put your hands up and wave it in the atmosphere.

What's at stake? The glory of completion and the elusive space for new Sheep & Wool stash!

Here are the rules of engagement:
  • This fiber must not have been previously predrafted before today, 3:00 pm EST
  • Spun on wheel or spindle
  • Your entry must be photographed and posted by today, 9/3/2010, 11:00 pm EST
  • Finished yarn must be photographed and chronicled by the deadline and posted at the prescribed coordinates.

Should you choose to accept this mission, holla!

1 comment:

sharon v said...

I take you up on your challenge! I'd better hurry up though, I have no free spools!