Dearest Dorset

I chose you for my latest of spinning exploits because you were something new to me. Your svelte four ounce skein and squishy hand was attractive. The light brown Chai Tea colorway given to you by the good people at Gnomespun Yarn, brought to mind thoughts of unassuming gentility.

What a pleasure you were to spin! It had been about a year away from the wheel. Just a few rough inches and the rest of the 165 yards was a smooth, triumphant experience! To the tune of Alicia Keys new song, this wheel is on fire! Yes! We are well on the way to getting through my goal for Maryland Sheep and Wool.

According to your label and The Fleece & Fiber Sourcebook by Deb Robeson, you are felt resistant.
For this reason, you are my dearest dorset, my new favorite fiber.


Welcome to the Thunderdome

The Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival is in May. It's March. I have cabin fever. As cat is my witness, there is no room for another tuft of fiber in the cupboards.
So, what is a spinner to do?
SPIN!! Spin like the wind!

Here is the deal. There are sixteen pounds of inventoried stash to my shame ( there's more, but if it ain't accounted for, there is no shame to confess). Pushing the limits of sanity, I think that I can knock out eight to ten pounds by May 2nd...
Who's taking bets!