And Then There Were Three

Three bobbins down and a smidge on the spindle. This challenge is hard, but I will be grateful to have more space in the nether regions of the fiber abyss for new things in the fall.
The BFL was a comfortable jumping off point. Starting this effort out with purple was the icing.

Next up, I grabbed this beautiful 4 oz bag of Crosspatch Creations fiber in the Wolf Creek color way.
The label calls this a signature blend, composed of corriedale wool, rambouillet, cvm, tussah silk, viscose, bombyx silk and silk noil. When I bought this, I was attracted to the predominant copper/purple colors. Interestingly, when I opened the bag to spin and unfolded the batt, I saw that the actual predominant color was bottle green. Lucky for me that I didn't mind. Note to self: in future, open bags if necessary to see what the real deal is before purchasing.

That aside, it is a hoot to see the color combinations that pop up as it's spun. I held off spinning this fiber for so long because I treasured it so. It's basically one of a kind, so the controlling side of my personality wanted to plot and plan it's use to perfection. Spinning with no plan and in a hurry is proving to be a wonderful lesson in how to relax and let go, enjoy the journey. I can imagine how this yarn might be used and not get all hyper because I don't have the perfect answer right away. It's nice just to spin.

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Sharon V said...

You're doing so well! Who would ever have guessed that it's been ages since you spun last?

I'd better get going since you're looking like the hare and I'm looking like a snail.