Welcome to the Thunderdome

The Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival is in May. It's March. I have cabin fever. As cat is my witness, there is no room for another tuft of fiber in the cupboards.
So, what is a spinner to do?
SPIN!! Spin like the wind!

Here is the deal. There are sixteen pounds of inventoried stash to my shame ( there's more, but if it ain't accounted for, there is no shame to confess). Pushing the limits of sanity, I think that I can knock out eight to ten pounds by May 2nd...
Who's taking bets!


atlaw said...

Found your blog through ravelry. I'm going for the first time this year and am too excited! I've probably got 216 lbs of fiber. Man, I really need to stop!

Sojournknitting said...

Wow! That is serious stashification! I like to consider it an artist's palette.
MDSW is a lovely festival. They have real funnel cake, too! The best! You'll have a blast!