Addi Love Lace

Over the years, I've come to really love knitting all my projects with my Addi Click basic interchangeable set. I love the slick of the needles, the convenience of differing cord lengths always at the ready. Some may shy away from the expense. Reflecting back, I would have saved so much more money and time if I began the knitted life with this set. There would be precious little need for a multitude of straights. Unplanned purchases of inexpensive fixed circulars with craptastical joins could have been avoided. All that is yarn remnants under the bed to me now. However, an unexpected burst of Knitter's ADHD mojo has found me in need of multiple sets of the same needle size at once! It would appear that just buying a few additional tips and cords would satiate the onslaught of castonitis. Alas, this was not the case as is evident by this new Addi-ition:

Haven't knit with them as yet, but love that the points are pointy and the cords have a life line feature. Projects languish in dark places without such help. I'm lookin at you Ishbel...

Those of you who know me well are probably wondering what I'm going to do about this new situation. What? What's that? My circle knows of my disdain for all things pink and that I cannot abide by having a hot pink needle case in my presence. It simply will not stand. {shudder}
First thought was to cover that puppy with fabric. However, a chance encounter with this gem at the Lion Brand Studio became my quick fix.
$5.99 and it fits all!

Showing some organizational love to my basic set with ziploc bags and labels. Giggity, giggity. Alll, right.

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