Purple Rain! Purple Rain...

The softest skein yet of my 2010 spinning. It's 186 yards of 60/40 cormo/alpaca from Foxhill Farm.
The singles for this fingering weight yarn were...uh, shall we say...rustic? I found the near pencil roving of this fiber to be full of nepps. Is that a word? Any way, it was not overwhelming but surprising and was remnisciant of carded fiber destined to be a tweed yarn.  This is not what I expected when I bought it, but figured that I'd make peace and continue on.

Interestingly enough, the plying cancelled out most of the nepps and gave me an almost buttery yarn. Mind you, this has not been washed so I look forward to seeing what other possible transformations could occur.

What else is left to spin? Sigh. I have the second 4 oz braid of both the sunflower merino (slooowwww) and SpinABit BFL in the masquarade colorway. I got the bright idea that if I began half of this and half of that, my fiber stash would dwindle significantly in the shortest amount of time before, you know when.
Rookie mistake! Basically this is what I've done with my knitting. I cast on for about five projects at the same time months ago and to this date only one of them has been completed. 
My remedy for the fibers? Getting more bobbins. Top of my list!

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Sharon V said...

Hahahaha! You are right about thinking you could make your stash go away on a deadline! LOL (I can only laugh because I made that mistake 2 years in a row!)

You've go so much purr-purr yarn by now you might as well put it up for sale at your online shop called Violets!