Last week was nothing short of stellar. Amidst economic and political angst came movement motivated by hope.

Remember when at everyone's graduation for like a decade, speakers waxed poetic to inspire those in attendance to be 'agents of change'? Agent of change, change agent, it became cliche. Laughable.
On November 4, 2008, citizens voted to elect what we, with great anticipation, hope to be one of the best and brightest agents of change that this nation has seen in a very long time. Pioneering... Palpable... Change.

Barack Obama, the 44th President of the United States of America.

It was like New Year's Eve and Fourth of July all rolled up into one where I live. Listen...

{Insert video clip of jubilant neighborhood that will not, after numerous attempts, upload to Blogger. Grrr.}

Rhinebeck 08

Another wonderful trip. The weather was nippy. (Sigh. I used to say, "It's a little Nipsey Russell outside." He will be missed.)

The perfect weather to have debuted my newly completed Sunrise Circle Jacket that was cast on ages ago:

It's knitted in Patons Classic Merino in Rich Red. I poured over local button selections and came up with these as the better choice.

Somehow they never made it on. I've been using a wooden cat pin that I've had for years instead.

Time flies when you're having fun at a sheep and wool festival. This is the loot that I managed to score as I made like a ninja between barns on the fairgrounds.

Two awesome Ghanaian african baskets, a wonderfully soft skein of American cashmere, some braids of bfl, a couple of sweet lace patterns, a turkish spindle, and a giant hank of Briar Rose yarn called Charity came home with me to Brooklyn. That's it...

I must be slipping.

Stitches East 08

Perhaps because my Rhinebeck purchases were comparatively light this year, I felt compelled to attend Stitches East this past Saturday. So glad that I went. The beauty of the fall colors on the way down to Baltimore was inspiring. I believe that they prepared my palate for the dessert feast of beautiful yarns and hand dyed delectables that were on display at the convention center.

Here's my 'make up shopping'

This is make up shopping, you ask? It looks like just a few skeins. Did she travel all the way to Baltimore for that?
Can't be. Is she hiding the rest?

Yup! Make up shopping = Big booty (the pirate kind, of course)

Odd bits were a lace blocking kit, stylish n' reasonably priced shawl pin and sized 2 -40" Addi circs.
In your mind's eye, add thirty-nine balls to that pile! I got enough yarn to make four sweaters.

The nine comes by way of Berroco's Jasper. When I saw the Sept. 08 Creative Knitting Magazine, I just had to make that vest! It's the first time that I ever wanted to make a project in the exact same yarn and colorway as printed. I've already cast on. Should be a quick knit.

Would it be too matchy, matchy if I wore it with this?

With the darker purple Di Ve Zenith yarn, I hope to make a lovely ribbed cardigan, like so:

Not sure which pattern, but the lavender Zenith may be a gift sweater for mom. What to choose, what to choose? The yarn is incredibly soft. WEBs had sold it as a bag sale. Just $37 for ten balls! Seriously, I could have emptied my bank account at that one stop. The selection was off the chain.

My next yarn to try from them will most likely be the Shepherd's 12 ply Lambs wool yarn. It reminded me of Frog Tree Merino, only heavy worsted/chunky-ish. Devine.
I'm taking the plunge into new techniques with the Noro Kureyon. I've been admiring this mitered jacket from Knit Simple Magazine for a while.

This may be a challenge. Wish me luck.

The sock yarn shown above may actually become socks. Shhh. Don't tell anyone that I'm assimilating. That lovely brown hank of yarn is from a vendor that BronxKnitter told me to look out for, Miss Babs. I've got to order some of her roving. Beautiful.
The other hank of sock yarn is from Yarn Love hand-dyers. The colorway that I chose seemed cheerily retro. It taunted, 'Marsha, Marsha, Marsha'. So very Brady. Those socks are destined to be paired with cords and clogs.
Two very talented hand dyers with such a wonderful eye for color. You must try them.

What I love about Stitches are the classes. In the midst of my sashay through the garden of yarn, I took time to add to my skillz. Joyce Wyatt taught a good one hour Market Session course in slip stitch knitting. Swatch is pictured there with my new stash. I almost laughed out loud in the middle of class when I realized that the scrap yarn that I brought matched my outfit. It's confirmed. I have a purple problem.

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Sharon V said...

Oh my gosh, you really racked up! Two festivals & two bags of goodies. One more event & I'll be able to shop at your house!

Congratulations on your new acquisitions & good luck with your new patterns.