Evidence of Things Rarely Seen

I've spun!!!!

Two quirkily inconsistent bobbins of dark brown coopworth roving.

I'm going to let them marinate for a day or two to help set the twist before I attempt to ply.
Oh, joy! Yesterday and today are my new spinner's beginning. I've been on hiatus for quite some time. Fiber has been multiplying in my stash so I've got to make a dent in it before it rivals the yarn reserves. Even just a few minutes a day would be fantastic!

Previously, I'd worked with a bit of fiber that perhaps was in a batt? (Need to learn the terminology). The fibers weren't all in the same direction, made me miserable. In contrast, the coopworth is wonderful! As a beginner, I appreciate the length of the fiber more as I'm learning to spin. It gives me an opportunity to control what's going on much better than before. Only thing that creeps me out is that this fiber is not pretty and feels like hair. Seriously, it resembles something that was clipped off the undead.

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Sharon V said...

Yay! Back to spinning you go! It's remarkable how peaceful spinning is, isn't it?

Now that you've started, I feel inspired - kind of ...