A Project from the Way Back Machine

From time at home getting over a cold and a three day weekend, I dug up this.

It's the Seed Stitch Jacket by Twinkle from VK Winter 04/05.
The yarn is Brown Sheep Burley Spun, body in black and the ribbing in Moutain Majesty.

I was a very new knitter back then and became intimidated by the prospect of doing pockets which come up right after the bottom ribbing in this pattern. Now I've figured them out and of course had to make a more elementary mistake. I've been using the wrong sized needles! Ugh! Not ripping back. No way.
This'll be a very close fitting jacket. Think that I can increase the size of the button band ribbing to make up the difference. I hope. Trying to be optimistic about the sleeve caps.

I think that I can finish this week. Then I can get back to my other five WIPs.

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Sahara said...

Your jacket will be very close indeed, from the picture. What size needle did you use? It may be okay, as you don't want too much ease.

Hey! Thanks for stopping by. I never even say Daytona's, next door. I gotta go back over there this week when the temperature rises.