One of These Things is Not Like the Other

Long time coming Klaralund...Sigh.
It's the classic knitter's drama. You wait for months before you find the perfect yarn. Then, some more months pass by until you feel the time is just right to cast on (you finally finish other needy projects).
Stitch, stitch, stitch.
All is well. Almost finished the second sleeve and I'm done.
Double bam. I run out of yarn AND the first sleeve is hideous.

I so don't like the garter stitching around the top of my arms. In this yarn, Artyarns Ultramerino, which is not the recommended striping yarn, but a variegated one, the garter makes me look like an armadillo. Me no likey. Must find a different stitch pattern for that section. A couple more months pass by until I can get more of this luxury (shockingly expensive) yarn. ONLY to find that as I make progress on that final sleeve, I notice that the colors aren't pooling in the same way as the older ones. Boo, hisssss.

What once was a simple knit is now a slip of stitch. Grrr. I must rip the first sleeve and use that old yarn for the top of the sleeves where it meets the body. The new yarn will be used for the forearms. Seems to be the most consistant thing to do and hopefully all will blend in well. Sigh.
I must say that working with my new Lime and Violet glass circs have been an absolute pleasure. Once I got over the fear of breaking them with hulk hands grip, it's been a smooth ride on the short yellow bus. Hee, hee. The lunch box style cookie container was the perfect carry-all for my sleeve/glass needle knitting projects. No worries.
Tune in in another month or so when the Klaralund should finally be finished.

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