Lock at the End of the Tunnel

Prepping this Romney is testing my perseverance. However, it is almost finished. I can see the end in sight with one box of locks to comb and several to card.

Using my new Louet Dutch combs

Rather than move on to the Cormo, I'll spin and dye (if I don't like the natural look) and begin another round of fiber destash efforts before Rhinebeck.
I'm using the Tour de Fleece as a mild jump start, doing an ounce or so per day in the Peleton. 
For Day One, I completed the 4oz. of Coopworth that I began a few weeks ago in Central park. This will rest for a long while and be knitted as singles. 

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Sharon V said...

Wow! Your fiber is so white and creamy looking. Is it soft?

I wish I had your determination. This year at Rhinebeck I'm going to try to restrain myself. For real this time!