One day, knowledge and experience will make my processing of a fleece easier and smarter.
This is merely strategery.

Opportunity arose early today for me to roll out the remainder of the fleece to see what's what. Up until a few days ago, I had no idea that they were even packaged in that way. Doh!
So what would be an experienced spinner's step one was my step five. That's OK, right?

I bagged the fiber into sections that I may or may not have identified correctly.

Before an awesome power nap (thank you Blogger autosave feature), my confidence began to waiver under the weight of all the options before me.
How much of this fleece should I use to card? How much to comb? Do I store it prepped and ready to dye before spinning or dye it afterwards, or not at all? Do I spin worsted, woolen or over the fold?  Gotta make the most of this opportunity. This could be my one and only fleece. (ha, ha, cough, cough).
What fleece should I shop for next week, if any? Look at all I have left to deal with!

This crafter mantra was necessary to publicly declare:

Maximum fun is job one. Knowing who I am, this means it is all about "the process."
Correct execution and/or the actual product from my creative endeavor is purely coincidental and cause for caloric celebration.

A calming mango ice pop later, it has been decided. An attempt at combing most of the fiber in locks will be made. Whatever is uncooperative shall be carded. All will be stored until I learn how to dye, leaving my options open to consider whether to spin first or not. Cool.

Time to ply something purple.

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Sharon V said...

I love videos! You sure have a lot of fiber there so it's a good thing you were able to parcel them out. Small steps, baby steps... It's all a learning curve so stay calm and know that there are no fiber police.