But of Course, Just Throw it in the Bag

It's that most wonderful time of the year again. Where fiberistas get their craft desires fulfilled. This past weekend at the NY Sheep and Wool Festival did not disappoint.
Look at how gorgeous the day was!

Just to mix things up, my shopping was not the result of acquiring stash for specific projects or to obtaining the new and unfamiliar fiber. No, the whole time was dedicated to picking up whatever my eyes and hand found fetching and to throw it in the bag. It was my theme song for the weekend! Here's how it went:

Besides a huge amount of lovely fiber, I splurged on this Golding spindle called, Midnight Sky. Not sure when it happened, but I seem to be smitten with owls. Whoo knew?

Thanks to all the wonderful animals, farmers and artisans represented at the festival, we knitters, crocheters, dyers and spinners have once again been reminded of the foundation of our craft. Thank you!!

Ah, to revel in the works of creation. It makes me appreciate the Creator more and more. We are loved in profound depths of care and beauty. Things to think about as we stitch...

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Sharon V said...

Nice stash! And that spindle, OMG! How'd I not see that?! It's beautiful!

Your motto worked for you this year!