Old E

I just had to share this finished spinning project from some braids purchased at Rhinebeck 06. The label called the braids "English Wool". (Hence the Old E tag.) Anyone know what kind of wool that is? Me neither. I fell in love with the olive colorway. Looks like every color in the rainbow is in there. Originally, I had two 8oz. braids to work with. In my head I imagined that I would perhaps have enough to make a sweater with. Maybe a vest? That was naive. After mangeling the first braid, this was the one that survived.

What the 8oz. produced was only a whopping 153 yards of two-ply aran weight yarn. Please, tell me what I should make with it.
Here's the Old E in more hopeful times. Check out the colors!

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Sharon V said...

Your Old E is HOT! I love it when they add lots of color to what would otherwise be a drab color.

I don't know what you can make with it, but if you look on the Knitting Daily website maybe you can find some one skein something to make.

Keep on spinning. Rhinebeck '09 is right around the corner.