Some Spinning

Finally, I'm back at the wheels in anticipation of another trip to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival coming up in just two weeks. The original goal was to spin up whatever was in my basket and then to go for stash busting "practice" fibers.
That worked for a little while until I followed whimsy and tried my hand at the wheel to spin silk, baby camel and bamboo. The easiest and dreamiest to spin was the camel. I heart it. Didn't want to stop spinning it. Camel is the potato chip of fibers in my book.
On the otherhand, the bamboo and silk gave me the blues. I had the hardest time attaching the bamboo to the leader yarn. It is very slippery and seemed to want to be thick singles. As for the silk, perhaps spinning from gummy hankies is not the best form. Much of it matted together before I got twist into the section. Hopefully, there'll be a nice blend to redeem the experience at the festival.

My bottomless bag of turquoise merino top is almost exhausted. A smidge is plied with some dark coopworth. Here's a small hank of my beginner-again yarn below. Next up...purple and green wool. Wish me luck that I make way for other goodies by show time.

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Sharon V said...

I love your color combinations!

There is no doubt that spinning 10 minutes a day will deplete your stash considerably over 2 weeks, so go for it.