My answer to SASC

SASC- short attention span crafting.
It occurred to me that for maximum craft happiness, I need to give myself permission to start as many new projects as I desire! All those sweaters listed on the side-bar, I gleefully cast on or resumed knitting in the past week. Tee, hee. Feeling naughty, but I also feel empowered, if that makes any sense?

Another method to my madness is that I have undertaken the sleeves first, if the garment is not a one-piece. Like scarves, these are nice and portable. They are perfect for commuting, lunch hours or phone calls! Amazingly, they dont feel like the knitting abyss as when knitted as the last part of the project.

If I am tired of looking at the same color, feeling the same yarn, using the same technique, day after day, problem solved! As long as I am making progress on something, I'm happy.
Is this the definition of a process knitter that the Yarn Harlot speaks of? :)

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