My First Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival Frolick

She who buys the most wool wins.
Clearly, I've lost this challenge.
Plain and simple.

So, I'm toting two XL Ziplock bags back to the bus thinking I did well. Got enough yarn and fiber to last me until Rhinebeck '08. Gonna enjoy my corndog that I splurged on when I get to my seat. Life is good. Just need to get these bags into the bus storage space.

Arrive at the bus and throw my bags down. Bending over to seal them up when someone behind me says, excuse me. I turn around to see the sheep on a lead. Hello. It didn't hit me right away that -animal crate in the bus, plus sheep behind me equals very interesting ride home. Hank, didn't fit into the crate so guess where they wanna put 'em. Yup. On the bus! Nice.

What a wow at the Festival! I was totally overwhelmed.
All in all it didn’t seem way bigger than Rhinebeck when it came to yarn and fiber. I believe that there was a lot more livestock. Maybe MDSW had more food vendors?
If I had to choose, Rhinebeck is my favorite. It is cozier, closer, and had a great mix of vendors supplying anything your hands desired.
At several places, I picked up some sundries like wooden cable needles, extra bobbins for the wheel of fortune, yarn bras (stop snickering), and fancy bent tipped tapestry needles.
Yeah, yeah, yeah on with the show…
Here’s the haul

Found a couple of dream tools in the Main Exhibition building. I scored a Bosworth Midi-spindle in a beautiful Gabon ebony whorl with tulipwood shaft, an ornamental spindle pin by Blue Moon Fibers and sweet glass circs in the Amber Passion color-combo from the Ernst’s.

Next, the yarn haul…Tops on the list was hank of autumnal green and plum Slubby Nubby from Ellen’s Half-Pint Farm. Got more Mountain Colors, but this time I’m trying worsted weight Moose Creek and Yellowstone.
I’d heard prior to coming to MDSW about long lines for popular yarn sellers. Well, I don’t stand in line for anyone- except Tess’ Designer Yarns. From her, I bought two hanks of an intense periwinkle sockyarn and one lighter hank of superwash lace. Thankfully, I didn’t have to stay in line for long. Someone went around taking customers with cash or checks first. Yesss!

Drum roll please….The fabulous fiber! To be adventurous, I bought some baby camel and coopworth roving. Outside of that I bought undyed, turquoise, black and chocolate brown merino. For a little spice a giant ball of green/purple roving plus two braids of handpainted BFL followed me home.

Weeeeeee! All this should hold me until Rhinebeck.


knitting-cat said...


Looks like you had a blast.

A real sheep on the bus?

Linda said...

Awww...Hank. We had a bunny once, not as much fun as a sheepy.

barbp said...

I was on the bus next to you and saw two ladies leading a sheep out to your bus. We saw what appeared to be a too small dog crate in the luggage compartment. Saw a conversation ensue with the bus driver and then saw the sheep headed inside. My thought was "Oh no they didn't". Your bus pulled out and the conversation for the next 15minutes or so was all about you all. (I was too stunned to grab my camera).

Every year our trip organizer says "No sheep, rabbits or livestock of any kind are allowed on the trip back." She says she's being a Wiseacre - little did she know.

You came home with some beautiful things!!

juuli said...

That saying can't be right!> You a loser, never, not with all that gorgeous roving and yarn!