A Shout out to my local Pathmark!

Thanks for stocking this really cool bag! Say knitters, what do you think?
I found this over the weekend in a bin with manly tools and gear for $9.99.

It is a light weight heavy duty nylon tool bag with pockets all along the inside and outside, carry handles and rings for shoulder strap. Would have been sweet if it actually came with a strap, but that's ok. I'm going to use the one from my laptop bag.

It's perfect for the subway!
My hands are totally free for knitting. When one of my four trains come, I can easily shove my project in and take it out again because of the cool framing at the top.
Look how much room there is. I know I can fit a sweater's worth of yarn in there.


Olyvia said...

I love that bag. I'm so jealous.

sahara said...

Girl, where's the Pathmark, and are there any bags left? There's a Pathmark near me, in the Bronx.

Please let me know, before I start running in every Pathmark in the city.

Sojournknitting said...

I saw these bags for only two consecutive weeks at Pathmark. There was a man on the subway with similar bag just last week. I'm thinking that a well stocked dollar store or hardware store may have, but if I ever see another good deal like this, I'll be sure to post the store(s).