I don't know how many times I've turned over my yarn and projects in the past three months or so. When the new year arrived I, with so many others felt the energy of new beginnings.

One of my ongoing quests is to strip away unnecessary clutter, habits and such. Now that I have become a "Knitter", my first line of attack in these things is always the stash.

First from the Wall of Shame, the "why did I buy this" yarn:

Plagued with not having enough to make a project, or can't find the right pattern, or no longer "in like" with the yarn... were the ills of this stack.

In order to make lemonade of the situation, they've been earmarked for charity knitting. They'll be hats n' scarves, bags, vests, and crazy quilt pieces. The rest will be given to creative knitters who'll work their magic on it.

Now I know exactly what my charity projects will be for the year. Org-an-i-za-tion. Woo, hoo!

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Peregrine said...

Good words.