Three Sketches a Week

Thought it would be nifty to do three sketches per week to see if I could come up with a design or two that I could execute. This is the first attempt using Tahki's Bongo yarn in the olive colorway. I've since blocked it and shortened the tassels a wee bit.
Wore this on a casual Friday at the office, but was terribly self-conscious. Had my inner Flintstone gotten the best of me or was this an OK thing to wear in public? One thing is for sure, I was one warm woman on the way home. The winter wind was merciless!

Alright, there is another finished object waiting in the wings that I would love to post. Only got buttons for it today and haven't taken care of that yet. So tomorrow I must post again...


Anonymous said...

Did anyone at work comment on it . . . I think it's FAB!!

Suzie said...

Nice. Love the colors.