June Review

While June wasn't the busiest month for me craftwise, I'm not sorry. The rest led to a renewed focus on that other thing I used to do. What was it now? Ah, knitting! That's right.

Even though I was not terribly excited about the colorway from this BFL, it was pretty cool to see my handspun yarn become the Edgar cravat found on Knitty. T'ain't easy working 98 yards of worsted weight into something usable. This clever pattern was just the ticket.

My most recent project is the Altered Austin Jacket from Sally & Caddy Melville's new book, Mother Daughter Knits. They chose Needful Yarn's (now discountinued) London Tweed. The label says that it is 95% wool, however the feel is more like cotton. Given the short sleeves and the character of the yarn, I'd say this jacket is sure to get lots of wear in spring and fall.

There was some spinning going on the month of June. Lace!
I don't know about you, but I can't rush through any lace spinning. It seems to go on forever and when forever arrives, the razzen frazzen fiber in my basket seems to have multiplied.
Here's the singles from 2 ounces of merino/tussah that I scored half price at The Yarn Tree.
120 yards when 2-plied.

Finally, here's the yarn that drained my soul dry for a good week and a half. From 4 ounces of Frabjous Fiber's BFL in the tapestry colorway, I spun up, slooooowwwly, 210 yards of 2-plied lace with 18-20 wpi.