MDSW 08!

What is baby goat for welcome to the farm???

This year's trip to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival was wonderful!
We were really fortunate to have such great weather. Saturday's crowd was intense. Being from the city was a big help in keeping sane in such a situation. There were a couple of times though in the barns that I felt there was no way out of a vendor booth. Merchandise and shoppers were jammed up everywhere I turned!
Being around cuties like these certainly helped to lower my blood pressure in all the excitement.

They're what it's all about at the festival. Sheepy goodness.

Here's the obligatory new stash shot. Not much compared with previous trips. I am very thankful for the strength to resist going overboard. There was soooo much yarn to choose from. Even though this was my fifth trip to one of these types of events, I was seriously overwhelmed!

As a novice, I am being purposeful to try new fibers. This undyed cormo top from Stony Mountain Fibers made me particularly giddy. Looked for processed cormo last year at Rhinebeck but found nothing. The braid of Wensleydale in periwinkle and gray came from Flying Fibers. Last, but not least in fiberous entertainment, the intoxicatingly purple "Crazy Ball" of roving was from Spinner's Hill. (I cannot tell you how happy I am that my camera is finally showing purple so close to the actual color.)

This time around I didn't have any real mission in terms of things to buy except for the book Spinning for Softness and Speed and a heavier weight 3 inch spindle. This is my second Bosworth in a canarywood that resembles carmel fudge swirl. Yum!

That's all folks! Until next festival, the end .....