Prequel - WIP Appeal

Between the stash and FOs are WIPs. In the spirit of Knitty's upcoming 2nd Annual Flash Your Stash Day on April 1, 2006, I thought it would be fun to share my WIPs (works in progress) and offer this challenge to all you great puzzle solvers.
How many WIPs do you think are pictured here?
Bonus question. How many months/years will it take me to finish them all? And for the elite Mensa types, how many other projects will I start before that time?


What the knitting...? Well, no. It's crochet.
Stop laughing! Guess what it is.
No, it's not a denture cozy. Guess again.
No, it's not a fiber representational construct of a horse shoe.
Third time's a charm... come on...
Alrighty then.
It was my sincere, but misguided attempt at a single crochet square. Clearly, there was no point in continuing past the third row. Fiddle-dee-dee. Tomorrow is another day and I shall try again.


From Small Scale to Large Scale

Working on a baby-sized sweater successfully has given me the courage to dig out the various pieces of this jacket that I began last summer. Had no clue how to sew in sleeves and just dropped the project until last week. My gauge- smadge attitude had indeed caught up with me. My sleeves were only half the needed width because of my yarn sub. I had to do math and everything to get this right. Pout, pout. Frogged and knitted the sleeves again. Even learned the mattress stitch for seaming. Tedious, but the results were great once I got the hang of it.

Had the bright idea to make some buttons. Lo and behold, my craft stash had the perfect shade of periwinkle clay to make these calla lily toggles and pin. Oh, yes! I'm gonna wear this to the Philly Flower show on Wednesday. Oh, yeah! By the way craft novices, it is NOT a good idea to multitask when you have jewelry in the OVEN. My first batch turned chocolate brown. But you didn't hear that from me...